Frequently Asked Questions

Leasehold is the most common way for foreigners to invest in Bali. When the lease ends, you can extend with the agreement of the landowner. The price of the land is calculated based on are (m2) and year. It does not take based on the existing construction but the price of the bare land.

When you invest a leasehold land for certain years (25-30 years), the contract is between you and the leaseholder. If you wish to extend it will be between you and the landowner. The price of the extension will be the market price at that time.

If there is no extension at the end of the lease, the existing buildings revert to the landowner. You have the power to build, modify, operate commercially, resell, and also have full responsibility for the existing buildings.

There is no time limit to your ownership, your truly own, land and building.

Be aware that invest in freehold property or land, the freeholder’s certificate is only granted to Indonesian citizens or to those who have a spouse that holds Indonesian citizenship.

You are entitled to make any improvements to the property as you see fit.

Foreigners sometimes use a nominee to invest a freehold of property or land. The contract is signed in front of a notary. However, this method has often been questioned by some notaries and lawyers, the nominee must be a trustworthy person. One of the options for foreigners to own a villa or land in Bali is to do it through PT. PMA, a foreign limited liabilities in Indonesia.

The price for freehold property or land is always higher that a leasehold

What is buying ‘off-plan’? Buying a property off-plan means buying it before it’s been built.

  • Benefits
    One of the most appealing aspects of purchasing a home off the plan is that the price can be determined a year or two before the project is completed. As a result, your new home may be worth more when you move in than when you purchased it. You could get a discount on the purchase price and secure one of the best plots.

  • The villa is brand new
    One of the most popular reasons for buying a unit off-plan is that you are receiving a brand new unit, that has never been lived in previously. This allows you to lay it out and design it as you please post-completion.

  • Payment plan facilities
    For many buyers the possibility of having to pay just a reasonably low deposit when committing and having staged payments according to construction progress. This way they are able to secure a high-value asset for a low initial capital outlay.

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