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Nestled in the vibrant heart of Bali, Berawa has steadily risen to prominence as a sought-after destination for expatriates, digital nomads, and adventurers. This trendy area, located on the southwestern coast of the island, offers a unique blend of modern conveniences and Balinese charm. As you consider the possibility of buying properties in Berawa, let’s delve into the pros and cons that define life in this dynamic neighborhood.

The Pros of Living in Berawa

  1. Hip and Happening: Berawa has gained a reputation as a hip and happening locale, attracting a mix of creative minds, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Its trendy cafes, upscale boutiques, and contemporary art scene contribute to a modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere.
  2. Beachside Bliss: The Berawa beachfront provides a stunning backdrop for daily life. Whether you’re a surfer chasing waves, a sunseeker relaxing on the sands, or someone who enjoys strolling by the sea, the beach is a prominent and accessible feature of the area.
  3. Café Culture: Berawa boasts a thriving café culture, offering an array of dining options to satisfy diverse tastes. From artisanal coffee shops to health-conscious eateries, food enthusiasts will find themselves spoiled for choice.
  4. Community Vibes: The area’s diverse and welcoming community creates an environment where forging connections and friendships comes naturally. The sense of belonging can be especially appealing to newcomers looking to integrate into the local scene.

The Cons of Living in Berawa

  1. Crowded Streets: Just like its lovely neighbor, Canggu. The popularity of Berawa has brought with it an increase in traffic congestion. During peak hours, navigating the area’s narrow roads can be challenging, and parking can become a frustrating endeavor.
  2. Tourist Influx: While the influx of visitors contributes to Berawa’s vibrancy, it can also lead to crowded beaches and dining spots, particularly during the high tourist season.
  3. Noise Levels: Berawa’s energetic atmosphere can sometimes translate into noise pollution, especially in central areas or near entertainment venues. For those seeking quiet evenings, this could pose a drawback.
  4. Higher Living Costs: The convenience and amenities in Berawa can come at a higher cost compared to other areas in Bali. This should be taken into consideration, especially if you’re budget-conscious.


Talking about the living situation in Berawa, is almost the same as its lovely neighbor, the Canggu. There are no differences if you are looking to buy villas in both areas as both have the same living vibe, either in Berawa or living in Canggu. Different story if you want to invest in property, for rental, or having a cafe or event venue. That would be likely to happen as the Pros of living in Berawa area are very promosing for people to still to choose living there.